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National Youth Union reject Central Equatoria dissolution


The South Sudan National Youth Union (SSNYU) has condemned the Central Equatoria Youth Union's decision to dissolve the state's youth steering committee, claiming that only the SSNYU has the power to form and dissolve youth unions.

Earlier this week, the Central Equatoria State Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport issued a statement announcing she had disbanded the local youth union. No reason was given for the decision, though it followed complaints made last November that the union was illegal and unconstitutional.

In full: the statement disbanding the Central Equatoria Youth Steering Committee.

In reply, the SSNYU have argued that the State Minister's decision is unilateral and therefore illegal, referring to the decrees by which state youth committees are formed.

'In this regard the South Sudan National Youth Union was shocked by the unilateral and unconstitutional decision', they said.

'The South Sudan National Youth Union is the only legal body responsible for dissolving and appointing of the steering committees in ten states' and three administrative areas, respectively', the Union added.

The SSNYU ended their letter by urging the Central Equatoria State Minister of Culture to 'rebuke the unilateral decision'. Failing this, the SSNYU have pledged to ignore the dissolution.

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