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Notches need bridges: Injustice and South Sudan

By John Marit, Juba

Like how snows melt, society loses its dignity the same way. In not a few forms and many witnesses, I have come across and am still going through this like many other South Sudanese people. Life has been deteriorating so much, our ladders break whenever we are about to reach where we hope to be.

Citizens and the Army What I know about citizens and the army is that the army "protects" citizens. In many scenarios I have witnessed, the army is always brought into citizens' misunderstandings. In many cases, brutalisation was never missed. The hard boots always hardly rest on our heads. Yet no laws punish anyone without justifying whether the accused is guilty or not. Without forgetting this, it's not the right of any soldier to arrest and beat up anyone found misbehaving, the law is for the police. Cases like adultery, impregnating, unpaid bills and so many minor things don't call for someone to be trapped by the soldiers. Here in South Sudan, if a little pauper impregnates a rich man's daughter, the pauper's compound is seen filled up with uniformed men with batons, kicking and seriously wagging. Not knowing that it's minor and it was by the agreement. He didn't rape the young girl, they negotiated. But, because of imbalanced society a pauper gets punished.

Elections. Injustice is denial of elections, since 2010, South Sudanese have never seen elections not even by-election. Yes, we understand that there was a conflict in the country. But now we are uniting ourselves, will even a simple by-election occur?

Street Kids. Injustice is when nobody takes care of street kids. It wasn't their fault to be alive but instead nature chose them to be with us, He sent them. Who is the father of street kids? Obviously it's the government. I have never seen any charity organisation helping street kids. No schools for them, no hospitals, no caretakers so that they feel to be loved by their people. If a street kid falls sick and no one knows that street kid is around, death definitely springs. They are South Sudanese, they need health, knowledge and much more.

Highway hijacking. To citizens, killing someone is injustice. Stealing someone's property is a crime. Mocking and mistreating anyone is condemned by the law. Why should anyone need to hijack someone on the way traveling. Innocence can bury someone alive. Don't disturb innocent souls. If you believe that the government is not favouring you, then put that feeling on the government not any citizen. Any horrific beliefs we have in us must be buried. If my tribe mate is in a certain position, that doesn't mean am included. It's his or hers, and I have to work for mine. Nothing connects us apart from being South Sudanese. Don't take away someone's life because of another man's fault.

Immoral Behaviour at work places and most especially on women. This is really very excruciating, if anyone has qualifications then give them a job without preconditions. Some evil-minded men take a chance of exploiting our own caretakers, our mothers. This is a burdensome hoax that needs not to be a bore. Stop abuse of women in work places, on roads and many others. To believe it’s simply vagueness, put yourself in their shoes. Then, a revealing sadness will spring on your visage.

Stand up South Sudanese for your rights and your own benefits. We can't suffer the same things we sacrificed our lives for. All generations can't be affected by one infectious disease. Justice is for the human race, religion, and our self-existence. PUT A RED CROSS ON INJUSTICE.

"The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed ~ Steve Biko"

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