• Deng Emmillo Mou

Open letter to His Excellencey Salva Kiir Mayardit, President of the Republic of South Sudan

Deng Emmillo Mou, Juba

About Gen. Majak Akech Malok who vowed to screen out Warrap and Aweil personnels from the Custom Service workforce in Nimule boarder and other areas of deployment in the Custom.

Dear Excellency the President of the Republic of South Sudan, the Commander In Chief of the South Sudan People's Denfense Forces (SSPDF) and other Organized Forces, the first elected President of the Republic of South Sudan, the Chief Administrator of the Republic and the SPLM Flag bearing of the Party Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit.

Dear President,

We all hope that this was the country where everyone of us fought for and hoped to have a better future full and free from all sorts of discriminations however has turned against those particulars who fully fought the common enemy to the last of their sweat.

This is to inform you and bring the issues of Gen. Majak Akech Malok, the current Inspector General of Police, closer to your attention and entirely to the attention of the South Sudanese masses across the globe.

Gen. Majak Akech Malok has launched several missiles of tactical attack on Warrap State and Aweil personnels who are in the National Directorate of the Custom Service. He (Gen. Majak) vowed to remove all the warrap and Aweil workforce in the boarder of Nimule with intention that his Relatives and other closer colleagues have not been prioritized by the Director General of the Custom Service in Nimule boarder workforce. All his intentions have been manifested in the document he issued on the 2nd of June 2021 IGP order through the committee formation to screen. Below are the steps he has taken.

1. He secretly talked to Madi, Acholi and other tribes inhabiting Eastern Equatoria of Nimule boarder to target and remove all the sons and daughters of Warrap and Aweil who have been assigned to Nimule boarder by their immediate bosses. He gave a list of Warrap and Aweil personnels working in Nimule to the screening committee he formed and to the communities of Nimule to be able to point and pronounce their names during the screening that the community would complain of not wanting Mr. X and y at Nimule because of his or her poor working relations with the host communities when the people assigned are doing a national duty.

How would the local host communities be expected to screen the government working force if Gen. Majak is really a Nationalist? Further more, the only list he gave to the handpicked committee that is mainly comprised of his homie, host communities representatives and other spies of the targeted states is only full of the two states of Aweil and Warrap. He secretly advised the host communities to immediately cause the possible fight if not respected to chased away those personnels of Warrap and Aweil targeted at the Nimule.

2. He vowed to relieved the able Dr. Akol Ayii Madut from being a National Director of the Custom Service as he did to Gen. John Akot Maluth of the National Directorate of Civil Registry, Nationality, Passports and Immigration. He said he would target these sons of Warrap who feel more protected by the so called Salva Kiir Mayardit's Regime. If we could ask of to how competent is Gen. Majak to hold the positions of being the current Inspector General of Police and previously position of the National Directorate of the Nationality, Passports and Immigration, nobody would be able to properly tell his competency. It was the same Leadership of your Excellency that brought him up and nobody was after him among the sons and daughters of Warrap as he is doing today.

3. He advised the committee to screen and he (Gen. Majak) himself would be the one to assign the people he wants and of his heart to Nimule. The reason behind is that before the Dr. Akol Ayii Madut, he (Gen. Majak) used to be given 2% in the Nimule Custom Service monthly collection. It was the percentage used to bribe him so that he could keep Director General in power. This percentage became so questionable in the arrival of Dr. Maj. Akol Ayii Madut where Gen. Ayii moved on to conceal the percentage and put it back to the Government's account. This is what has brought angered to Gen. Majak so much and that's why he is interfering so much in the Custom Service and Directorate of Civil Registry Nationality Passports and Immigration.

4. Gen. Majak talked of the regional balancing at the Nimule boarder but has forgotten that the government works on merits but not on who comes from where. A Government must be of competent personnels who would be able to deliver what the people and Leadership expect from them. There should be no politization of the civil service where the merits is under estimated.

Dear Excellency,

We ask of why do competent people working with you are hated by individuals and all allowed to be subjected to all sorts of humiliations. Imagine what Gen. Majak has started and wisphered to the host communities of greater Nimule against the deployed Government personnels would cause serious problem if not properly looked into.

This is a vital piece of advice to you Excellency if you could kindly intervene otherwise Gen. Majak has launched a war of destabilizing the boarder that is keeping South Sudanese alive in terms of everything be it medical supplies, food, construction materials and many others.

Find the attached document that Majak has issued in the absence of the Director General of South Sudan Custom Service who has left for his medication...

The writer is a concern Citizen of South Sudanese he can he reached at via email emmillomoud@gmail.com.

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