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Open letter to Rumbek university administration.

Subject: condemnation of the decision of undertaking which was circulating on social media in the last four days. As they students of Rumbek university,we are here to inform the administration of Rumbek university of science and technology that the decision of undertaking is made by union not the entire general assembly of students. We the students of Rumbek university, who came in different parts of the country are to request the administration to disregard the decision of reopening the university without feeding. The other thing also we the administration to look into it critically and see the conditions behind the reopening of the university without feeding because we have experience it in 2016-2017 then again 2017-2018 the the same happened and it creates a lot of differences among ourselves. As you know that Rumbek university is the one of five public university, majority of students do come from various states across the country of which they don't have any residential houses within Rumbek Town, of which they will not manage to rent the house because the conditions behind the undertaking is to resident outside but not in the hostels. In addition to this also though we're allowed to stayed within the hostels, still the problem of feeding is another big issue and all of us know what happened in 2017 and 2018. Below are the names of students who condemn the reopening of the university base on what the so called undertaking decision. 1. James Ayom Wol 2. Jok maluil Jok 3. Geny Chol Madut 4. Albino Akoon Anei 5. Reech Angok Akech 6. Joseph Akoon Kuol 7. Kuot Deng Chieny 8. Ngor Mathiang Deng 9. Mathiang Deng Them 10. Anyang Ater Achuil 11. Ezekiel Mariak Dhiim 12. Simon Athuai Mawut 13. Gabriel Bai Aguek 14. Martin Madut Wol 15. David Majak Kuch 16. Malek Ruop Akol 17. Daniel Deng Madier 18. Ngor Mathiang Deng 19. Ayok Muong Bol 20. Daniel Dut Liai 21. Manut Juuk Ring

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