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Parents are being urged to send their children back to school by teachers in Yei.

Teachers in central Equatoria's Yei River County are urging parents to send their children to school as classes resume.

Latiyo Emmanuel Noel, the first deputy for administration at Yei day secondary school, says the children have been with them for protection during the festive season, and he urges parents to send their children back to school, which started on Monday.

"As the schools reopen, let the parents send their children back to school; the children have been with them throughout the festive season, and they have protected them, so let them send the children back to school as they resumed on Monday, and those who have already reopened, let them send children to school to concentrate on their learning; and the little money they have, let them support the school so that they pay development money for the smooth operation of the school."

Latiyo mentions amidst covid 19 pandemic parents needs to inform the children concerning the preventive measure because covid19 is real.

"Amid the covid-19 pandemic, let the parents inform children that covid-19 is real, and they need to take the measures seriously like hand washing, wearing a mask, and not shaking," Latiyo says.

The speaker was giving his message during an exclusive interview at Yei day secondary school of central Equatoria State

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