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Police in Mundri has condemned businessmen to possess fire arms.

Police in Greater Mundri has turned down the proposal by the chamber of commerce in Mundri about the possession of the guns to protect their goods from being looted at night.

On Tuesday, the Chairperson for the Chamber of Commerce in Mundri West County, Ismail Basha has called on the government to give chances to businessmen and women to possess fire arms so that traders may protect their properties. The call of chamber of commerce came after several shops were reportedly raided by unidentified thieves on Monday night while deployed police were guarding the market and still the shops were broken and prosperities were taken. And this has made the shopkeepers to ask police so that they are given mandate to hold guns so that they could be the one protecting their properties instead of police.

While in a response, the Inspector of police for Greater Mundri, Major General Ishaque Abboud says the possession of guns by civilians are unlawful.

However, he says that police department are investigating the cases so that the doers can be brought to book. Abboud also called on the traders to cooperate with the police personnel by given the information.

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