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Police Inspector General arrives in Rumbek, investigating recent attacks


A high level delegation led by Inspector General Majak Akec arrived in Rumbek yesterday tasked with investigating a number of recent attacks in the area.

Most notably, Italian Bishop-elect of Rumbek Diocese Christian Carlassare was shot in a targeted attack at his home earlier this week. Carlassare has since been taken to Nairobi for further medical treatment.

The attack was followed by reports on Tuesday that two breastfeeding mothers were killed in Akot Paya, Rumbek East, whilst collecting water from a local borehole in the early hours of the morning.

The Inspector General and his staff addressing journalists in Rumbek centre.

Speaking to press in Rumbek, Majak said he had been personally directed by President Kiir to visit, inspect and investigate the area and circumstances of the recent acts of violence in Lakes state. He emphasised that those behind the attacks on the Bishop-elect and the breastfeeding mothers would be brought to justice and strongly punished.

The Inspector General also touched on the issue of disarmament, noting that recent insecurity in the state should be controlled before any attempt is made to disarm its citizens.

Since the deadly attacks earlier this week 24 suspects have been arrested, primarily in connection with the shooting of Bishop-elect Carlassare. Those detained include 7 police officers guarding the Bishop's residence, and 13 employees of the Rumbek Diocese.

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