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Population Survey hosts 'advocacy and sensitisation' meeting in Lakes state


The Population Estimation Survey has launched in Lakes state with an 'advocacy and sensitisation' meeting at the Palm Tree Hotel in Rumbek.

Addressed by Deputy Governor Poth Madit Dut, the meeting sought to educate participants in the survey as to the importance of dialogue and understanding with illiterate and underserved communities in Lakes state and South Sudan.

Madit also acknowledged the wider value in understanding the intricacies of South Sudan's population data, as the Survey hopes to achieve.

Participants of the conference in Rumbek.

Pledging his support for the National Bureau of Statistics's work at state level, Madit commented that the Survey 'gives you insight about what has been/is lacking as a citizen of this nation'.

The Population Estimation Survey was launched earlier this month in Juba. Chaired by Vice President Dr Wani Igga, the Survey hopes to take into account the effects of internal and external displacement, conflict in 2013 and 2016, and the demographic response to the R-ARCSS.

It will be conducted in collaboration with a number of international partners including the United Nations Population Fund and GRID3.

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