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President Kiir wins media peace award, calls for reconciliation


The African Private Television Union has awarded President Salva Kiir Mayardit a peace prize for his role in the Sudanese Peace Agreement last year. National Security Advisor Tut Gatluak and Investment Minister Dhieu Mathok were also awarded prizes.

The African Private Television Union is a body comprising 63 television stations across 22 countries, with an avowed aim of spreading awareness of African media and fighting terrorism across the continent.

President Kiir addressing the awards ceremony in Juba.

'We all know from our experience that working for peace is not anything easy. We all know total peace can’t be achieved overnight', he said.

'We know that peace to those who desire it means painful decisions. It means dealing with many challenges and having tolerated hearing the other side'.

'Recognition of this nature honored our efforts and aspiration toward a peaceful region. However working for a peaceful country and region is not without its challenges'.

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