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R-ARCSS trust and confidence conference begins in Wau


The Governor for Western Bahr El-Gazal, Sarah Cleto Rial, has officially opened a two day conference to build trust and confidence in the R-ARCSS.

The event is aimed at SPLA/M-IO members who hold various state posts, and seeks to build a consensus of conscientious politics amongst Western Bahr El-Gazal's various administrative stakeholders.

The Governor thanked the organisers of the conference, and encouraged all participants to use this opportunity to help develop and benefit the state. She advised invited members to serve the public when they are appointed and sworn in office.

The Governor speaking at the conference earlier this morning.

'These are the responsibilities that we must offer ourselves, and do good things to this nation, besides serving the public without discrimination. Also we must include women and the disabled in the coming government', she added.

Edmond Yakani, the Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), told press the aim of the conference was to reorientate the political outlook of officials in the state. Instead of seeing themselves as SPLM-IO members, its hoped they'll take on the role of national government ministers serving without discrimination.

'Since the top leadership of IO has been running the state, the most important thing that we need to take into account is that Western Bahr El-Gazal is not an IO state; it is a state under the umbrella of the government in the R-ARCSS', he said.

Mr. Yakani acknowledged the importance of the workshop in highlighting the SPLM-IO's responsibilities of transparency, anti-corruption, human rights and rule of law as per the peace agreement.

Abdelbaqui Ibishani, UNMISS Civil Affairs Division Team leader, described the conference as the first step for government members to create a conducive, productive environment for a publicly endorsed constitution and peace agreement in South Sudan.

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