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Riek Machar’s intelligence chief on the run

Merio Jimmy, Juba

General Yiey Dak, Riek Machar’s Chief Intelligence Officer, has sought asylum in Ethiopia under threat of capture by figures associated with General Akol Koor, the Chief Security Officer of South Sudan.

Sources revealed that since General Yiey fled to Ethiopia, he has rejected suggestions he join the so called peace deal in Juba. He has declared the deal a hoax, and asserted it is a surrender project. The General has argued that current discussions of peace are little more than a hoax.

This is a rare admission coming from Machar’s top intelligence officer, suggesting that there is no true peace in Juba.

Sources close to General Yiey have noted his complaints that the Chairman of SPLM-IO and his group are neither dedicated to peace nor interested in reaching a mutually beneficial deal.

It appears difficult to deny these facts. Dr.Machar, therefore, no longer appears fit to lead the IO movement whilst also serving as Vice-President under President Kiir.

Insisting that the deal in Juba is fake, General Yiey was in defiant mood. Despite this, he reportedly fears the idea that he could be deported back to Juba by the Ethiopian officials under the pretext that his asylum claim is false. However, he has claimed his life would be in danger if forced to return to Juba against his will.

Sources reveal that General Yiey Dak is now seeking asylum in western nations, potentially Canada, Australia or New Zealand.

General Yiey was advised by the Ethiopian officials that he could risk expulsion out of the country if he involved himself in any political activity that could disrupt domestic peace. He was instructed to strictly follow local laws and live life under refugee status.

Considered holistically, it might be argued that Dr.Riek Machar disqualified himself as a chairman of the IO movement when he abandoned the entire structure of the SPLM/A-IO, instead opting to prioritise personal interest as he became Vice-President.

Speaking frankly, Machar has betrayed the people and betrayed the cause of the struggle!

Throughout this, people have shifted their attention to new leadership in the form of Duer Tut Duer. Mr. Duer is a renowned advocate for change and reform within the SPLM/A-IO. He hopes to transform it into a formidable, well organized movement designed to confront national challenges.

Duer is widely viewed as a popular leader with national appeal and the potential to transcend divisions amongst diverse South Sudanese communities.He is currently a leading voice in the IO reformists wing, and vast majority of people urge and expect him to take over the leadership of IO movement.

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