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Ruweng Chief and youth leaders condemn NGO attacks


Following outbreaks of violence in and around NGO compounds in Ruweng last week, local politicians, chiefs and youth leaders have met to condemn the attacks.

Hosted by Ruweng Chief Administrator William Chol Awanith, the meeting involved Jamjang Youth Chairman Miakcuh Nyok, a number of other Jamjang political figures and representatives from the Ruweng Commission for Refugee Affairs (CRA)

According to a statement published by the Ruweng CRA yesterday, all parties condemned the incidents of violence, describing them as 'acts of criminality' that must be prosecuted with the full force of the law.

Ruweng Chief Administrator William Chol Awanith speaking in Juba last month.

On behalf of the Jamjang youth, Miakcuh Nyok emphasised that the attacks were not committed by members of the Jamjang community who roundly deplored the incident. Instead, he alleged the attackers were former NGO officials discontented at their old employers.

'This is not what the Ruweng people are. We are not criminals and what this former NGOs staff are doing is bad and they are damaging the image of the area. They must be arrested and hold them accountable', Nyok said.

William Chol Awanith has urged all NGOs and international organisations to return to Ruweng, reassuring all parties of their safety in the region. He underscored the fact that any South Sudanese who harms others will be severely punished.

Following last week's attack on an IRC compound in Ajuong Thok that injured at least 3 employees, almost all aid organisations have withdrawn from the area.

Since the attack, reportedly centred around recruitment and hiring disputes, local sources suggest the situation has calmed and the atmosphere is no longer tense

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