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Ruweng community accuse Nilepet of illegal annexation


Authorities in Ruweng have accused the Managing Director of Nilepet, Bol Ring Muorwel, of illegally annexing and renaming the oil refinery situated on their land. Bol Ring is accused of changing the refinery from Manga refinery to Bentiu refinery, a move the Ruweng authorities believe is illegal.

The Ruweng community have asserted that both the oil and the refinery are situated on their land, and Bol Ring's unilateral decision to annex the oil refinery to Bentiu is a violation of Ruweng's territorial integrity.

Workers at an oil facility in Ruweng, South Sudan.

In a statement issued to the Juba Broadcasting Service, a prominent member of Ruweng community expressed the readiness of his people to defend their land. He also urged President Kiir to replace Bol Ring.

The Ruweng Youth Union have also criticised the Nilepet Managing Director for failing to invite the the Ruweng Chief Administrator and Members of Parliament to the planned opening of the oil refinery. They have said instead that only the Unity state government had received official invitations.

First appointed as Managing Director of Nilepet late last year, Bol Ring Muorwel has faced a number of challenges in his first months at the company. Most recently, the South Sudan Anti Corruption Forum accused Bol Ring of corruption and nepotism, publishing the names of 35 of his alleged relatives working at Nilepet.

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