• Merio Jimmy

Security services commit to national stability

Merio Jimmy, Juba

In a meeting with the heads of South Sudan’s security services earlier today, the Presidential Advisor on National Security Tut Gatluak announced a renewed effort to tackle the challenges connected to national stability in 2021.

‘The Minister of Interior, Paul Mayom Akec, Chief of South Sudan’s People Defense Force, Johnson Juma Okot, Inspector General of South Sudan National Police service, Majak Akec, and Director General of the Internal Security Bureau, Akol Kur, attended the meeting in Juba on Tuesday to reiterate their commitment to tightening up security in the country," Tut said.

Tut added that the security services are shifting focus to tackle conflict associated with cattle disputes and militarised agricultural struggles.

This announcement comes shortly after a number of figures involved in conflict resolution called for a renewed focus on tribal and rural inter-communal violence.

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