• Manese Doboi

Western Equatoria - a message of solidarity

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Manese Doboi, Juba

There is nothing expensive than peace! There is nothing expensive than love! There is nothing expensive than coexistence! When South Sudanese people took arms in 1955-1972 under Late Gen. Joseph Lagu, all were united to get rid of the oppressors and dictatorship in Khartoum. They call themselves South Sudan Liberation Movement (SSLM) not Madi, Bari, Kakwa, Lotuho, Didinga, Acholi, Murle, Boys, Dinka, Nuer, Shilluk, Anyoak, Mondari, Moru, Jur, Baka, Mondo, Avokya, Zander, Balanda, Ndogo, Kaliko, name them. When the SPLM took over the light of Liberation from the SSLM in 1983-2005, under the leadership of Late Dr. John Garang de Mabior, South Sudanese were united under one factor called " Comrade" to face the regime in Khartoum from all forms of marginalizations. When time comes for our last kick to the Regime in Khartoum to say bye bye during the Popular Referendum 2011, all South Sudanese were one with common song that if you wanted to be second class citizen in your own country vote for unit but if you wanted to be first class citizen in your own country vote for separation. Today we are sovereign country and all are proud. Today I am very disappointed to hear that the same people who fought for their rights have turned against themselves did n the basis of ethnicity. South Sudan is bigger than us as an individuals and the country is bigger than our individual interests. We better work for common goal which is peace and stability. Without peace no development. " Two brothers cannot sit on one seat at the same time". The people of Western Equatoria State are God Loving community and All of us are equally before God. I wonder and confused where this devil came from to turn our good reputation into chaos. My personal appeal is for all of us the sons and daughters of the state to work hard to restore peace in beloved state. Therefore, Western Equatoria is for all of us different ethnic groups to live in harmony with each other. Let us dialogue and reconcile if at all there is anything else tempted to divide us. May God bless us.

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