• Merio Jimmy

South Sudan Government agrees to $10mil USD hotel payment

Merio Jimmy, Juba

Following a recent letter accusing the National Transition Committee (NTC) of accruing more than $10mil USD in Juba hotel debts, NTC Chairman Tut Gatluak has pledged to pay the full amount within a few days.

Gatluak asked the hotel companies to be patient as the NTC works out the specifics of payment. Since 2019, the NTC have built up a number of debts from the accommodation of peace partners and stakeholders in the transitional process.

In a meeting on Friday, Gatluak commended the role and contribution played by Juba hotels in the NTC’s work, despite the delay in payment.

The meeting between NTC officials and Juba hotel owners

Addressing the media, the Secretarial head of the NTC Stephen Wiw said that the issue of debts would be settled as quickly as possible, particularly given the extent to which the hotel managers had contributed to the implementation of the Peace Agreement.

Speaking on behalf of the hotel managers, Mel Garang of the South Sudan Hotel said the NTC Chairman had specifically requested Government accommodation be extended and secured as the debt was being payed.

The hotel owners and representatives currently owed money by the NTC

There are around 300-400 officials currently accommodated in hotels in and around Juba. These include Minsters, Members of Parliament, Military Generals and other Government stakeholders.

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