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South Sudan publishes COVID stats


In a press release from the Ministry of Health, South Sudan's COVID statistics from the discovery of the virus to date have been released.

Most immediately, it was revealed that 367 COVID tests were taken in the past 24 hours. Of these, 13 were positive, representing a 3.5% positive rate across the country.

Since the arrival of COVID in South Sudan last year, 80,403 tests have been taken across the country. This has revealed 3,683 cases of which 3,181 have recovered. Such statistics point to approximately an 86% survival rate in South Sudan.

At present, only 1 person is registered as being in a severe condition.

This news comes as the Ministry of Health revises and updates its track and trace system. The Government urges all individuals to observe social distancing rules and report suspected cases to their nearest health facility. Alternatively, affected citizens can call a toll free line at 6666.

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