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South Sudan removes visas on arrival for Kenyan citizens


Kenyans wishing to travel to South Sudan will no longer be eligible for visas on arrival, as Juba has prioritised remote visa applications to boost income and revenue.

The move was publicised in a statement published by the Kenyan embassy in Juba, seen by the South Sudan Friendship Press. Here, the Kenyan Ambassador advises citizens to apply for a visa at the embassy in Nairobi.

The statement released by the Kenyan embassy in Juba.

South Sudan’s Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs Deng Dau Deng has said that the move to remote visas will ensure correct fees are paid and officials are held accountable for the issue of visas.

‘This is just a normal routine; the Embassy in Nairobi will be issuing visas to those who are in need of entering South Sudan. There is also an e-visa they can get through an online application. So it is just a normal procedure, not specific to Kenyan natives’.

“Most of the countries of the World are trying to move away from these [ordinary] Visas being issued on arrival or providing stickers,” Deng noted.

The move follows calls for audit of South Sudan’s Aviation Authority after reports that visa fees were not being paid out to the requisite central government authorities.

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