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South Sudan signs educational agreements with Egypt


A number of agreements have been signed between the South Sudanese and Egyptian Ministries of Education over high level academic cooperation.

It is hoped that the two countries will establish more formal academic ties including university exchanges, research collaboration and reciprocal lecturer visits.

South Sudan's Education Minister at Cairo's interfaith complex during his recent visit to Egypt.

The agreements were signed by Minister Awut Deng Acuil following a 1 week visit to Egypt.

'We also agreed on very important developments, such as the opening of Alexandra University's branch in Tonj. In the first week of November there will be a delegation from the University, they will team up with our team in the Ministry to visit the site', the Minister told press.

'The hundred scholarships that are given in addition to the 300 will be operationalised as soon as possible. We will select 50 postgraduate students and 300 undergraduate students', he added, referring to the increase in scholarships for South Sudanese students wanting to study in Egypt.

The Egyptian Minister confirmed Awut Deng's remarks, adding that cooperation in education will work in parallel to other agreements between the two countries in areas of agriculture, manufacturing and industry.

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