• Kelly Abale

South Sudan triumph over Uganda in AFCON

Kelly Abale, Nairobi

The Bright Stars gained their first points in the AFCON qualifiers with a 1-0 win against Uganda in Nairobi on Monday.

Tito Okello, a new starter for the South Sudan 1st XI, scored a penalty in the 35th minute.

The victory came despite Assad Musa Abdallah and Khalid Aucho both receiving red cards.

The Ugandan Cranes came close to equalising with an offside goal by Emmanuel Okwi, meanwhile Farouk Miya narrowly missed a long ball into the box.

South Sudan’s victory puts them in 4th in their AFCON qualifying group. The Bright Stars are due to face Burkina Faso and Malawi in March for the final 2 qualifying games.

Key players this match included Tito Okello, Stephen Pawar, Majak Maling, Sebit Omot, Peter Maker, Mutwalik Abdelkarim, Rehan Angier, Jackson Morgan, Munyomov Achoi, Daniel Chok, and Wol Makueth.

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