• Merio Jimmy

South Sudan urges peace in Al-Fashqa, reports Gatluak

Merio Jimmy, Juba

South Sudan has called for a diplomatic and amicable resolution to the border dispute between Ethiopia and Sudan, says Tut Gatluak.

Mr Gatluak, who serves as the Chairman of the South Sudan Mediation Committee in Sudanese Peace Talks and Presidential Advisor on National Security, was tasked by President Kiir with sending the message. to his Sudanese counterpart Lt. Gen Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan in Khartoum on Thursday.

The last few days have been tensions and clashes between Sudan and Ethiopia over agricultural land in Al-Fashqa. The region is nominally within Sudan’s borders, but has been occupied by Ethiopian farmers for many years.

The 1,600km (994mile) frontier, a source of conflict between the nations for some years.

Speaking from Khartoum, Gatluak said President Kiir is willing to bring Sudanese and Ethiopian leaders together to reach an amicable conclusion to the border question.

In the meantime, Lt. Gen Al-Burhan has continued discussions with Gatluak as to progress and challenges associated with the implementation of the Juba Peace Agreement, vowing to review the formation of various implementation committees.

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