• Gaaniko Samson Jerry

South Sudanese refugees praise NGO education programs

Gaaniko Samson Jerry, Juba

UNHCR implementing partner, Associazione Centra Aluti Volontari (ACAV), has introduced a program of skill training for refugee girls in Uganda’s displaced person camps.

Rose Night, a 22 year old South Sudanese refugee, has acquired tailoring skills from ACAV through a series of training programs. ACAV reportedly gave her a hand sewing machine and start up kit, which she has used to start her own alteration business.

Rose Night, a 22 year old refugees in Ofua Zone II

‘If there are enough customers, I can get 20,000 shillings to 40,000 shillings in a day’, she said

Night has said she intends to use the money to buy and sell kitagas for further savings.

Prior to the training she received from ACAV, Rose’s quality of life was insecure and her future uncertain. She had been forced to drop out of school due to a lack of consistent income.

‘Before I was in school, but I faced a lot of challenges of school fees, that’s why I dropped out of school’, she said.

With the proceeds of her new sewing business, she hopes to return to full time education as well as supporting her family.

ACAV representatives donating COVID-19 supplies on the Uganda-South Sudan border.

Sitima Glades, another 19 year old South Sudanese refugee, has recently opened a tailor’s shop with the training she received from ACAV. She has subsequently been able to pay for her family members to attend school and fund their medication.

‘My life has improved after getting a hand sawing machine. I can require whatever I need as a refugee’, Sitima added.

Sitima hopes to acquire more training and build her tailoring business. With an income of 30,000 shillings, she believes her future is secure.

In an interview with Bongo Patrick Namisi, head of program for ACAV, he praised the success of the organisation’s graduates. He also informed press that ACAV were looking to train more refugees and expand the scope of their programs in Uganda and South Sudan.

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