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SPLM (IO) announces 6th National Conference


In a surprising move for many observers, the SPLM (IO) have formally announced their first National Conference since 2014.

The meeting commences on 1st December and will run until the 5th December in Freedom Hall, Juba.

In an official press release, SPLM (IO) spokesman Puok Both Baluang has announced the Conference’s theme as Building and sustaining Peace through implementation of R-ARCSS.

The Conference's formal announcement to press, 29/11/2020

The Conference is set to discuss the implementation of the revitalised peace agreement, formation of state, national and local governments, as well as the general mission of the SPLM during the transition period.

Attendees are wide ranging, including not only members of the SPLM (IO) Political Bureau, but also the National Liberation Council and SPLM (IO) delegates to the revitalised peace agreement.

It is expected that the Conference will focus on issues both internal and external to the SPLM (IO).

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