• Merio Jimmy

SPLM-IO reports violation of permanent ceasefire in Upper Nile state

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Merio Jimmy, Malakal

Speaking to the South Sudan Friendship Press earlier today, SPLA-IO deputy military spokesperson Col. Lam Paul Gabriel reported that a combined force of National Security, Tiger Faction and SSPDF troops attacked the SPLA-IO assembly area of Bankida.

In complete violation of the ceasefire, the attack led to SPLA-IO forces staging a tactical withdrawal from Bankida on the orders of the SPLA-IO High Command.

Col. Lam Paul Gabriel announced the attack earlier today.

The SPLA-IO have strongly condemn what they've called a 'constant suicidal act of aggression against its forces and positions by forces of the SPLM-IG'. They have siren demanded a complete withdrawal of the combined forces from Bankida as soon as possible to avoid any escalation.

The SPLA-IO remains committed to the implementation of the national security arrangements in particular, and the R-ARCSS in general. Despite this, they note they retain the right to self defence when attacked.

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