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SSBCTV Director suspended over social media dispute


In a letter seen by the South Sudan Friendship Press, the executive board of SSBCTV have announced the suspension of the channels' director, Poth Johnson Matur, following a recent social media spat.

Poth Johnson is alleged to have made 'abusive and irrespective accusations' against the Governor of Lakes State, Makur Kulang. Johnson claimed on Facebook that Governor Kulang has mistreated communities in the Lakes region, and is guilty of high level corruption.

A snippet of Johnson's original Facebook post.

Signed by the channel's executive director, Elijah Tut Bakot, the letter justifies Johnson's suspension on account of 'an act of offence, grievous assault against a senior official and...erratic...work ethics as a reporter in the office of Vice President'.

The letter sent by SSBCTV executives to Mr Poth Johnson.

Despite the letter's accusations, the suspension is not yet permanent. A committee has been formed to investigate Johnson's conduct with a final decision expected soon.

In the interim, however, Tut Bakot announced that Johnson will 'no longer represent the office of Vice President and or your department in any matters whatsoever'.

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