• Zachary AJ, aka Mr Freezy

SSFP's poem of the week: 'May Dr. John Resurrect' by Zachary AJ

Following SSFP's commitment to promoting the best of South Sudan's art and culture scene, we are pleased to present a new poem by Zachary AJ, aka Mr Freezy. Imploring the reader to understand the current and historic struggles of South Sudan, it is an emotive 4 stanzas.

May Dr. John Resurrect

Dear Lord,

It is me again,

On my knees crying in pain,

All that fight, all in vain,

Now I'm kneeling, praying for change,

A million barriers in our lane,

High school kid with a pen in hand,

Fighting demons, hot as hell,

Getting me down like I wasn't trained,

May Dr. John Garang resurrect!

An arrow pierced my heart,

Escaping this moment is hard,

Maybe I am falling apart,

Life isn't science, it's art,

Going through pains, it hurts,

Dealing with plans is hard,

I'm begging these rats in my yard,

To help, press the button, “restart",

May Dr. John Garang resurrect!

I'm lonely, my earth is not rotating,

It's dark, my sun is not shining,

With vultures above me sounding,

With arrows already surrounding,

I can't figure out who's shooting,

Or what unknown gunmen are doing?

But I understand I'm dying,

Maybe I'm want some hugging,

God! your baby is freezing,

May Dr. John Garang resurrect!

I am a citizen,

But South Sudan, you don't love me,

Motherland, you're not caring for me,

You don't give a f*ck about the death of me,

Sometimes I think it's you killing me,

Pouring your poisons straight to me,

Honestly are you not robbing me?

Oil and gold is taken from me,

Invest a pound, just do it for me,

I was good but somebody changed me,

From riches to rags now look at me?

I know poverty wasn't made for me,

I know death was not designed for me,

I thought you'd stand out to cover me,

Your security please, you promised me,

That you would always be there for me.


May Dr. John Garang resurrect!

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