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SSFP’s top music picks for 2020

Richard Chol Deng, Juba

2020 has been a year of many parts. Despite this, it has not stopped the creative spirit of the South Sudanese people. More than ever before, South Sudan’s music scene is taking off to unprecedented heights. With a number of emerging dancehall, Afrobeat and reggae artists dominating the scene, it is fair to say the South Sudanese music scene is growing at a rapid rate. Below are my top picks from 2020 so far:

Kizx Zygnal - Baika

Kizk Zyngal is an emerging South Sudanese artist from the Kakuna refugee camp in Kenya. Life as a refugee is not easy, meaning he has used his talents for singing and songwriting for meaningful change.

Lucky Mezzo - Yinti Bes

Lucky Mezzo is leading the way in South Sudanese reggae and dancehall. Based between Juba and Kampala, his latest tracks are a testament to the creative power of South Sudan.

Mr Bee - Ye Piny e ng’u

An Afro-dancehall artist, Mr Bee’s self proclaimed mission is to promote South Sudanese music worldwide.

Bob Dizzy SK - Money Body

Bob Dizzy SK is an emerging dancehall artist with unique songwriting and performance skills. He’s recently expanded his talent to include comedy, dance and acting.

Nation Big Engine - Adocie

Remixing the classic sounds of Afrobeat music, Nation Big Engine have kept their place as an all round favourite for South Sudanese music fans.

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