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SSPDF deploy troops along major highways


After weeks of insecurity along South Sudan's major highways, the South Sudan People's Defence Force have deployed security personnel on a number of key roads to protect cargo and civilians.

Last weekend, 10 drivers were killed on Juba-Yei highway including 4 Ugandan taxi drivers. Most recently, 2 cargo trucks were burnt on and their drivers killed on the Juba-Mundri road.

The identity of the attackers remain unknown, though Governor of Central Equatoria Emmanuel Adil Anthony has blamed rebel group the National Salvation Front (NAS). The NAS in turn blame local security forces.

Gen. J.J Okot and his staff at the site of an ambush against 2 trucks on the Juba-Mundri road.

Speaking to press yesterday, Chief of Defence Forces General J.J Okot said that his forces were in the area to ensure safe passage of domestic and international travellers.

'We have come here to continue as a government force to enforce the security on this highway. This highway does not only belong to South Sudan, but also the region and the world as such. We have come here to deploy our forces and from now onwards will be here to ensure the road is secure', said Gen. Okot.

'We have come to visit the scene where anti-peace elements of NAS have developed. Evidence says they have carried out this unnecessary ambush on the road, and they attacked trucks that are non-military targets with the intention to kill, loot and get away with the proceeds', he added.

Gen. Okot also noted that the NAS were not signatories of the R-ARCSS, suggesting that his troops were in the area not only to protect the road but also to safeguard the peace process.

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