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Sudan reveals new cabinet amidst recent peace agreements


Sudan’s Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok has announced a new cabinet, featuring seven ex-rebel chiefs as ministers, following a peace deal in October aimed to end decades of war.

The reshuffle comes as Hamdok struggles to push through reforms and secure foreign financing seen as crucial to easing a deep economic crisis and bolstering Sudan’s transition to democracy.

The cabinet is as follows:

Khaled Omar - Ministry of Cabinet Affairs

Yassin Ibrahim — Ministry of Defense

Ezzedine Sheikh - Ministry of Interior

Mariam Al-Sadiq - Ministry of Foreign

Nasr El Din Abdel Bari - Ministry of Justice

Buthaina Dinar- Ministry of Federal Government

Jibril Ibrahim- Ministry of Finance

Ismail Harby - Ministry of Agriculture

Ali Deby - Ministry of Trade and International Cooperation

Ibrahim Al Sheikh- Ministry of Industry

Jadeen Obaid- Ministry of Energy and Oil

Mohammed Abu Nemou- Ministry of Minerals

Yasser Abbas- Ministry of Irrigation

Hafez Ibrahim — Ministry of Animal Revolution

Mergni Mousa - Ministry of Transport

Abdullah - Yahya - Ministry of Urban Development

Mohannad According to the Prophet - Ministry of Communications

Al-Hadi Ibrahim — Ministry of Investment

Triumph Small — Ministry of Higher Education

Omar Al Najib- Ministry of Health

Tayseer Al Nawarni - Ministry

Motasim Ahmed- Ministry of Social Development

Nasreddin Mufareh- Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs

Hamza Baloul- Ministry of Information

Yousef Adam Al-Dai - Ministry of Youth and Sports

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