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The residents of Yei believe that this New Year is particularly meaningful.

by James Innocent---- Yei

Citizens in central Equatoria state's Yei River County said this New Year is noteworthy because they have seen changes from prior years, particularly from 2016 to 2019.

One of the This New Year is very significant says citizens in Yei River County of central Equatoria state says this New Year is very significant because they have seen changes compared to the previous years most especially from 2016 -2019.

Archangello Modi is one of the citizen living in Yei he mentions that they haven’t realize a change during Christmas compared to the New Year celebration where people at least can say there is sign of peace


“This new year is really very significant because we have seen some changes as compared to some of the years behind mostly starting from 2016 to 2019 we have not realized a bit of not realized changes those years compared to what they have seen this time or may be from the start of Christmas but during the new year celebration they have at least seen something from people showing good signs of peace.”

He points out that knowing better that the situation is very difficult currently in south Sudan especially the displaced people and refugees to resettle back to their homes which needs the intervention of the government to help them .

“We know that the situation is very difficult but currently in south Sudan especially those who are IDPS and Refugees people need to mark effort of going to settle in their Families and those within yei and the government should open ways for the citizens in order to return home because in the settlement there is food shortage looking at the examples of the IDPS living in Yei” 

The speaker was giving his message during an interview in Yei.

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