• Mangor Adut Thiak

POEM: The suffering of my people

This poem basically expresses my call for the suffering of the people of South Sudan...

Poet: Michael Mangor Adut Thiak

THE SUFFERING OF MY PEOPLE.. Insecurity and floods, Can’t be stopped, Flowing insistently, Cries of pain and suffering, Multitude loss of lives, Homes destroyed, Families separated, Children are fatherless. Stories on front pages, Degrees issued on state television, Appointing those that don’t deliver services to the innocent civilians, And can’t be held accountable for deviation of our resources, Misery life narration that makes hearty people cry, Hands of God get applause, From grass to grace, From shame to fame, But here, It’s the opposite, Really demotivation, Yeah, we agree, Ears, minds and eyes, Battling to agree, Truth remains locked by falsehood (lie), Behind bars fighting as you struggle for a share, Justice outcry in volume. Hunger strikes but no action toward it, Drought and famine occur as we take deafening silence, Monsterization of growth as they change their actual colors, Poor health facilities as they fulfil the opposites of their promises, Teenage pregnancy as they stay idle, Because the schools are becoming expensive to be managed, By their fathers whose annual salaries can’t even pay the fees for one child, Gender education discrimination, Agony and pain, Drilling through every innocent citizen’s flesh and bones, We better die than survive. We are finished, No one can save us, Bosses only use us for their own benefits, As they focus on, Building beautiful mansions in different countries, Taking their children abroad, And the soldiers’ children are being rendered services they don’t deserve, Get us out of bondage so that we all enjoy the struggle of our fathers, And slavery of tyranny.

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