• Noah Issa Philip

Three arrested over Mundri fisherman killing

Noah Issa Philip, Mundri

Security forces have informed the media they have arrested three suspects in relation to the recent murder of a fisherman in Lozoh Payam of Mundri East County, Western Equatoria state.

Speaking to media in Mundri West, 2nd Lt. DoubleSeven de Clement of the state criminal investigation department confirmed the arrest of the three men.

'On 19th of February 2021, there was a murder case in Lozoh Payam of Mundri East County 30 miles away from Mundri West county headquarters. The local chief managed to identify three suspects that have close connection to the killing', he said.

Mundri East county, the location of the ongoing investigation.

Lt. Clement described how three men went fishing, before apparently getting into a dispute that resulted in the death of one of the men.

'Three people went to river bank for fishing and they were fishing, one person got jealous and pulled his machete and attacked his fisherman colleague and later on pushed him to the river and died', he added.

He further noted that one of the suspects has already admitted to the killing.

'After the investigation one of the three suspects has admitted that he was the one who killed. The interrogations are still going on with the other two suspects to find out who were involved in the killing'.

Local reports describe preexistent tension between the families involved. Despite this, it is reported that the local chief had recently managed to reconcile the families and resolve the issue amicably.

The investigation follows another killing in in Bahr el Grindi payam of Mvolo County, which allegedly occurred under similarly shocking circumstances.

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