• Merio Jimmy

Trinity Energy gives two boreholes to the Nesitu community

Merio Jimmy, Nesitu

South Sudan’s leading energy company, Trinity Energy Ltd, has today officially handed over two boreholes to the communities at Nesitu to provide clean and safe drinking water.

The project cost $21,000 and involved drilling two holes at Nesitu and Jalite, respectively.

Trinity Energy's work at Nesitu is in line with the company's recent pledge to meet the social and economic needs of communities across South Sudan. In a 2019 statement, the company announced education, agriculture, health, vocational training, and girls’ education as priority areas for intervention and investment,

As a further commitment to its sustainability agenda, Trinity Energy is also the first South Sudanese company to sign up for UN Global Compact.

Engineers from Trinity Energy and local residents, Nesitu.

With regards to the project in Nesitu, Trinity Energy's Power Projects Manager Dr.Phillip Waden said that 'access to safe water is a growing concern globally; it is directly linked to health, welfare and empowerment within communities. Solutions that bridge the growing need for water are especially important in arid and semi-arid areas. During our stakeholder engagements, the community identified access to clean water as a critical need which is directly linked to access to sanitation'.

To further support the Nesitu community, Trinity Energy has also provided a HGV lorry and agreed to construct a youth development centre, facilitating further social projects in the area.

'With the solar power plant being established in this area, we continue to actively engage with all stakeholders to ensure that our operations are aligned with the relevant development plans that already exist, and that our social investment programmes reflect the real needs of the immediate community' Dr. Waden reported.

To date, the company has recruited approximately 37 people from the area for both direct and indirect employment at its nearby solar power plant.

The solar power plant in Nesitu, worth an estimated $45mil USD.

Kudo Boma Chief Solomon Pitia has thanked Trinity Energy, nothing that 'Access to clean water has been a key priority area for the community. Our women and girls have been travelling long distances to fetch water and this has made their work easier. Trinity Energy has also provided employment opportunities offered to the youth at the ongoing solar power project. This has really helped improve the standards of living not only for our youth and but also the community at large'.

Members of the community also expressed gratitude for the boreholes. Prior to their installation, they reported that the community would drink water from ponds and sometimes had to travel for over 40 minutes to fetch clean water. They pledged to work together with Trinity Energy to ensure the company's sustained presence in the Nesitu area .

In turn, the Trinity Energy team have thanked the Nesitu community for their hospitality and cooperation throughout the project. From providing land to ensuring security, the company have relied on local residents. This further constitutes Trinity Energy's move towards a form of business that recognises successful project implementation can only be achieved through effective stakeholder engagement, based on the active participation and feedback from the host community.

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