• Gaaniko Samson Jerry

Ugandan authorities intervene in Yei-Juba road violence

Gaaniko Samson Jerry, Juba

Ugandan authorities have begun to make attempts to recover the bodies of their citizens killed in violence along the Yei-Juba road in Central Equatoria.

Last weekend, 4 Ugandan taxi drivers were shot dead by unidentified gunmen in Lanya county, about 50 miles southwest of Juba.

Ambushed at around 2pm on Sunday, the 4 Ugandans are reported as having come from Koboko district, an area on South Sudan's border.

Wilson Sanya, Mayor of Koboko district.

Speaking to press about the Ugandan government's efforts to repatriate the bodies, Koboko mayor Wilson Sanya told press that the volatile situation in Central Equatoria had slowed progress.

'All there have been taxi drivers, they were all killed where these people who lied the ambushed were only killing the drivers', he said.

‘I think maybe they are trying to send message to our people that don’t we that use that road', Sanya added.

It is alleged that South Sudanese government forces in the region are refusing Ugandan officials access to the bodies, citing tension in the area. A party was sent earlier this week to collect the deceased, but was forced to turn back.

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