• Mabor Dhieu Majuac Dak

Unity State youths attack Pan-Thaan cattle camp in Pakam county, Lakes state

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Mabor Dhieu Majuac Dak, Rumbek

In an exclusive interview with journalist the Commissioner of Rumbek North county, Hon. Arop Kumbai Delbeny, said it was on Wednesday at around 3:15Am where Unity state had attacked pan-thaan cattle camp in Pakam of Rumbek north county of Lakes state. On that attack two people dead, and four others were injured and 95 herds of cattle were confirmed to have been raided by Unity state youths. He further added that, according to reports he heard from youths of pakam who have been attacked, that all attackers who came from Unity state were in military uniforms and they were using guns that can't be used by Gelweng , like RBG and others , he stated that attackers are not youths but they're those who left contentment areas . Hon. Arop Kumbai Delbeny said pan-thaan cattle camp is 35kilometes away from Rumbek town which pakam youths are staying there to graze their cattle. He added that it was last month where youth of panijier raided six hundred herds of cattle and this month they come again and did the same thing. Moreover, the hon. Commissioner says the reason why youths of lakes state don't go for revenge killings after four counties of Lakes State, Rumbek East, Rumbek center, Rumbek North, Yirol east were attacked, it doesn't mean they are fearing Unity state youths but it is because they are respecting peace agreement that had been signed by president of the Republic of South Sudan Salva kiir mayardit and Dr-Riek Machar plus other political parties. He calls on unity State Government to intervene and brought those attackers inyo book face laws and justice. He also appealed to youths of panijier county who has been located to SPLM IO parties to respect their own government and follow agreement. Lakes State youths had experienced bad things from youths of unity state since peace agreement has been signed . It was last month where youths of panijier county Attacked Paloch of Rumbek East, Adior of Yirol east, and again this month they have attached Amokpiny of Rumbek center and Rumbek North.

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