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Upper Nile youth proclaim support for Gen. James Olony


In a statement published yesterday, the SPLM-IO's Upper Nile youth committee has condemned attempts by the SPLM to replace Gen. James Olony as Governor of Upper Nile state.

Applauding local residents for 'standing strong' and rejecting the replacement, the youth committee have dismissed suggestions Olony is not a viable candidate as 'a way of fulfilling the interest of the regime'.

Gen. James Olony, the controversial SPLM-IO choice for Upper Nile state governor.

According to the statement, 'It is very clear in the peace agreement that no party has right to reject another party's nominee, rejecting Johnson Olony is clear way of violating peace agreement and disorganising IO as a movement. IO leaders and supporters must scrutinize this carefully'.

'IO supporters have right to reject the IG nominees, but all kept quiet because we respect the peace agreement process, No one would want to see Joseph Nguen Monytuil as governor again in Bentui because everyone know what he did. However, all people of IO remained silent because it not right to reject a person nominated by his or her own party'.

The Upper Nile youth committee finished their statement with a call for its supporters to reject negative demands, and keep hold of their revolutionary mission and vision.

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