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Western Equatoria attempts alcohol ban


State authorities in Western Equatoria have passed a local order banning the sale of alcohol in bars, shops and off licenses across the state.

Known as state order no. 13/2021, the new law names a variety of alcoholic drinks and brands as specifically banned from retail and consumption. These include London No1, Royal Gin, Star Gin, Vodka mix, Uganda Qaragi, Lion Extra Strong, Golden Gin, Red Horse, Estrella Dam, Sahara Gold, Gilbis, Get Fire, Best London Dry Gin, Flash, Born 7 Whisky, Swag Extreme and a number of others.

Alcohol sold by a boda-boda driver, Juba

Passed with the support of Western Equatoria Governor Alfred Futiyo Karaba, state authorities claim that the aforementioned brands' preexistent license for sale have expired.

Local lawmakers have also claimed that a recent rise in day drinking has led to people forgetting to work and neglecting their farms. Moreover, drunk fighting for 'unknown reasons' has increased, adding to local security concerns.

If formally introduced, it is reported that the order will be implemented by police and national security forces.

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