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Western Equatoria Governor pledges to calm local tension


The County Commissioners for Yambio and Tambura have met with Western Equatoria Governor Futuyo Karaba to reaffirm their shared commitment towards peace and stability in the region.

Although one of the more secure states in South Sudan, Western Equatoria has seen a recent spike in local violence. Last week, a man was shot by an unidentified assailant in Tambura. This attack follows the killing of a farmer in Mvolo county some months prior.

Tambura Commissioner Mathew Mabenge has pledged to conciliate and unite the two warring tribes in his county, specifically Tambura Balanda and Zande.

A joint UNMISS patrol handing over face masks to the COVID-19 taskforce in Tambura, Western Equatoria.

Governor Karaba directed the two commissioners to focus on state stability. He prioritised the right of citizens to live in peace without the threat of unknown gunmen, illegal roadblocks, theft, rape and other forms of violence.

The meeting ended with the Governor explicitly warning the commissioners to avoid taking bad advice from politicians outside the state, advocating for a local solution to local problems.

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