• Alex Daniel Digi

Western Equatoria residents call for grazing restrictions

Alex Daniel Digi, Yambio

Communities in Yambio and a number of other Western Equatoria towns are calling for a halt to grazing on farm fields in the area. Residents claim the movement of pigs, goats and sheep over arable land will disrupt crop growth in the coming rainy season.

The citizens have called for the government to investigate the issue and introduce rules regulating the animals' grazing.

Residents in Yambio town clearing land for grazing.

A resident in Kuzee said 'Goats and Pigs are making life so unbearable in my residential area Kuzee. It's rainy season which is a planting season but residents of Hai Kuzee are unable to practice home gardening'.

'Could someone tell the local government to issue a local order on the issue of goats?', he added.

Traditionally, it has been the job of the County Commissioner and local Mayor to issue orders concerning domestic animals during rainy season.

Last week, Yambio County Commissioner Essain Inoka issued an executive order banning the unnecessary movement of farm animals to avoid disruption of crops. He said that the owner of any animal found destroying local farms would be changed.

Despite Commissioner Inoka's order, it is not clear who will enforce the new rules.

Since the announcement, however, a few residents have pledged to make sure their animals are tied up during feeding.

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